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Building for renovation in historical Lisbon


Bairro Alto


Property Description

Original building of the 16th-17th centuries located in the Historic Centre of Lisbon, Bairro Alto, next to Príncipe Real, Chiado and Cais do Sodré. It has a spectacular project approved by the City Council of Lisbon to Recover and for the construction of 2 more floors.

The Project provides for:
- 4 Apartments
- Elevator placement with metal structure
- Introduction of a balcony at the back of the building
- Ground floor occupied by common areas (Stair access, elevator and common indoor and outdoor storage spaces)
- Front façade with continuity to the design of the existing spans and balconies;
- In the 4 apartments the layout will be composed of: Front room with open kitchen, bedroom with access to new balcony. The top floor will have a stunning view over the Tagus River.

Currently with 3 floors, r / c, 1st and 2nd floor, and the ground floor with independent entrance of the street.

Current Layout
G/F - T1 with an area = 30,05 m2
1º floor - T2 with an area = 60,60 m2
2º floor - T2 with an area = 66,00 m2

Proposal of Project
G/floor - Common area = 37,20 m2 Total Area = 52,00m2 (Hall 15.1m2, Storage 11m2, Patio 11.1m2)
1º floor - T1 with an area = 66,90 m2 Total Area = 88,60m2
2º floor - T1 with an area = 67,70 m2 Total Area = 88,60m2
3º floor - T1 with an area = 68,20 m2 Total Area = 88,60m2
4º floor - T1 with an area = 61,20 m2 Total Area = 78,10m2
After renovations Total Area = 395,90m2

Property Details

Price: €810,000
Size: 271m2
Price per m2: €2989


Comes with project approved and ready to start renovating

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