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New 3 BR for Golden visa


Sao Pedro Do Sul


Property Description

This is a great opportunity to invest in a real estate project for the purpose of obtaining Portuguese citizenship - a gold visa.
The Gold Visa program allows you and your immediate family a fast and safe route to Portuguese (European) citizenship, with no additional conditions other than investing in a property that meets the criteria.
The project we are offering allows for a gold visa with an expenditure of (excluding state fees) of 285,000 euros. This is the cheapest offer available in Europe for a Golden Visa.

About the project:
The project has 4-room apartments in several sizes of about 90-120 square meters. The apartments are new, with air conditioning and heating in all rooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. The project is located in Sao Pedro do Sol, located between Lisbon and Porto.
The apartments are for rent in the local market and are very attractive to locals as there is a minority of new construction in the area.

Property Details

Cost: € 280,000
Size: Starting from 90 square meters
Price per square meter: € 2800


Project located: 2 hours from Lisbon, 45 minutes from Porto, 25 minutes from the local airport in Viseo.
Construction has already been completed, the population is in full swing, immediate delivery, obtaining a residence permit for three months, on the Gold Visa track.

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