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Apartment for Renovation


São Bento


Property Description

Excellent location near São Bento right in the heart of Estrela. It is within walking distance to many restaurants, cafes, antique stores, gardens, all amenities and services as well as a short walk to the river. Public transport is also easily accessible.

This property requires full renovations and has already had all the demolition and rubble removal works carried out.

A great blank canvas to develop a custom project, with a ceiling height of about 5 meters, which allows the creation of a mezzanine, transforming it into a charming duplex, significantly increasing the living area. Imagine the possibilities of what can be created.

There are some 3D examples of what can be achieved.

Property Details

Price: €180,000
Size: 28m2
Price per m2: €6,428


Already had the demolition part done, comes as an empty shell. Expected cost for the work of about 70.000€ to 80,000€

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