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Luxury apartments 2,3,4,5 rooms




Property Description

Located in the center of Lisbon - The Picoas neighborhood, a place of arrival and departure, with its centrality, TOMÁS RIBEIRO 79, is the newest ex-libris for those who want to experience the spirit of the city!

In the 19th and 20th centuries, architecture and urbanism in Lisbon, driven by the appearance of new architects influenced by the international artistic currents of the time and without disregarding what is genuinely Portuguese, developed an urban network, integrating the existing into the landscape, giving rise to known Avenidas Novas.

The Picoas neighborhood is an integral part of this urban landscape, preserving its traditional identity and marked by modernity, telling its history step by step.

TOMÁS RIBEIRO 79, with its 8 floors and 28 apartments, of types T1 to T4 with prices ranging from 560,000 euros to 2,400,000 euros, with some private pool, is the choice for those who want to live a cosmopolitan life and be in the center of everything!

Feeding the Soul with culture and art at the Gulbenkian Foundation, thanks to its centrality and accessibility. walking paths between the bustle and nature, amid the frenzy of urban time, the balance and tranquility of nature, in the beauty of the city silence, of its gardens.

TOMÁS RIBEIRO 79, is an enterprise that makes a difference in detail, with its own identity in the Picoas neighborhood, combining contemporary and innovative design with the tradition and history of the city itself, requalifying the charm and good taste that characterizes it so much. With spacious spaces and full of light, it brings together all the conditions to create, share and live, finding tranquility and in a Master Suite the intimacy you so desire.

You will also find the Wellness Center and the Inside Swimming Pool, as well as several common outdoor spaces, creating conditions to inspire you, finding the physical and mental balance you are desire!

Enjoy and don't miss this opportunity!

Property Details

Cost: Starting from € 560,000
Size: Starting from 70 m2
Price per m2: € 8000


Private pool, Spa, City center, High standard apartments. Suitable for а Gold Visa!

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