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Our international team of experts will help you find your Ideal Property in Portugal


We love Portugal and you will too!

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Investment in Portugal

A romantic apartment in a historical centre,
a vineyard in the Alentejo, or a place on the beach, we are here to make your dream a reality

Gorgeous Weather

Undoubtedly the best location in Europe

 Affordable Prices

While on the rise, prices are still low

Great Healthcare

Considered one of the best and most efficient in Europe

Good Returns

Attractive rental yields and an ongoing increase in real estate prices  

5 reasons which make Portugal a great place to live in 

  • Portugal has a stable government that has been leading the economy safely for years

  • It is Europe's fastest growing economy, forecasted GDP growth of 6.5%

  • Third safest country in the world

  • The best beaches and climate in Europe

  • Tax Benefits

We're not just property consultants, we're

 your personal property concierge

Portugal is a real estate treasure trove that's ready to be discovered. Begin your investment journey today and enjoy the fruitful returns.

Investing with Mojo

Personal Customization

Our in-depth knowledge of the Portuguese market and our experienced international team, guarantee our customers complete confidence and peace of mind when buying a property.

Renovations and home styling

We help properties fulfill their full potential.

Property Management

As an established property management company we make sure your investment is secure, even when you are away.

Useful resources before and after buying a property

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