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Porto Historical Houses

Managed, Maintained, Promoted, Lucrative

Property management
Managing your property in Portugal

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We manage dozens of properties in Portugal, as a post-purchase service. Professionally managing the property in all aspects, whether it is a short-term rental for tourists or a long term rental. We also offer renovation, design and management services. Designing and furnishing the property so that it can be rented for a higher yield. 

A glimpse at some of the properties we manage:

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Princess two-room apartment in the city center

Porto Historical Houses

What do guests who stayed in our properties say about us?

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What do apartment owners whose property we manage say about us?

"Hello everyone, for those looking for a safe investment with peace of mind in real estate, I highly recommend the Mojo team, from searching for the property to finding the right one. You will not feel that the property is in Portugal, always answering any questions and helping in times of crisis if necessary.

Thank you so much Mojo !!! "



"We have been receiving the company's management services for less than a year. We were positively impressed by the preparation of the apartment for rent (furniture, decoration etc.) and the mechanism for advertising the apartment and welcoming the guests into the apartment. We received very good reviews  from guests’’


I bought an apartment in Lisbon Portugal through Mojo. The relationship with the representatives in the country was good. We have met more than once and they explained and patiently answered all the questions.

Their representative accompanied me and my son for a couple of days in Lisbon until we found an apartment to our satisfaction, they introduced us to a lawyer and helped us open a bank account.

To this day and for about three years they have been holding and maintaining the apartment.

During this period, they answered all the questions and difficulties that were involved in matters of contact with the authorities or with the bank, even beyond what was required. The apartment we purchased needed to be renovated. There were no easy challenges in the renovation. 

They made sure pricing will be constantly adjusted to market demand to maximize profits. The price changed depending on the season. It is clear that during Covid time everything stopped and Mojo approached us with the initiative of changing the rental policy so that the revenue stream would continue in a manner appropriate to the time.

We are very satisfied with the level of professionalism and customer care service.


"The short-term market is something I am doing for a while, but the law around this and the language barrier in Portugal made me break my head. When I discovered Mojo I was astonished that these young professionals turned out to be such experts in the sector! I highly recommend them!"


Examples of properties renovated, designed, and furnished by us for our investors:



Porto Historical Houses

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