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Concierge Property Procurement

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If you’re looking for a solid and profitable property investment in Portugal, located right in the city center, a property that in the current rising demand conditions  offers an excellent yield on short term rentals, as well as maintaining attractiveness for long term rentals once the short term wave subsides - we know just the investment for you.


We are the experts in locating attractive properties for you in Lisbon’s hot central areas of demand, in accompanying you from A to Z throughout the purchase process, and in managing the short term rental of the property, maximizing your ongoing yield.

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Concierge Property Procurement


Helping you make the best real estate purchase!

  • Initial personal mortgage examination in a local Portuguese bank Locating suitable properties within your budget specifications and calculating the final expected yield after taking into account all expenses - so that you can make the most informed decision. Our commitment is to you, and so we work with all the local real estate agencies, as well as a large number of private property sellers, to offer you the most optimal and best suited selection of properties.

  • Connecting you with a qualified local attorney who will handle your representation to the required authorities, bank and property sellers

  • Planning and organizing a personal tour so you have a chance to examine the suggested property, according to your predefined budget, firsthand.

  • All handling of renovation, furnishing, and every rental property preparing detail, to maximize your yield

  • Accompanying you in meeting with local bank for receiving financial aid (if necessary), assisting you in opening a local bank account, and handling the documentation required for purchasing an investment property in Portugal.

  • Accompanying you in negotiations with the seller

Financial and legal support


Our financial and legal support services include:

  • Contacting a local bank and performing your initial mortgage examination, according to your predefined budget

  • Supplying a notarized translation service of all documents required in order to open a local bank account and filling out the loan application

  • Connecting you with a local attorney who will handle obtaining a Portuguese tax number and will present you and your best interests before the authorities, bank, and property sellers

  • Complete due diligence, performed by your attorney (ensuring that the property is lawfully owned by the seller, with no strings attached, free of charges, fines, obligations or restrictions of any kind that could affect the sale)

  • Representation and legal accompaniment of a lawyer during the property negotiations, offered contract, contract signing, payment issues, and transfer of property under the name of the buyer once completing the sale process.

Managing your property in Portugal


We specialize in professional property management, and offer the highest level of management for our clients. We aim to take care of everything for you, handling every aspect of your property’s short term rental in various channels, maximizing your yield, and giving you piece of mind and a worry free investment.


Our service includes:

  • Professional photography, advertising and marketing of the property to the relevant target audience

  • Receiving guests and creating a wonderful and pleasant property atmosphere

  • Cleaning and laundry (sheets, towels for guests)

  • Repairing all malfunctions

  • Collecting amazing recommendations from your guests, so your apartment rating will rise and increase its popularity

  • Price adjusting year round, especially during periods of supply and demand, optimizing occupancy rates and maximizing yields.

Maintaining Your Property at the highest level


We provide our customers with the highest level of maintenance services

("House Committee") which include:

  • Plumbing services

  • Electrical services 

  • Minor required renovation solutions

  • General handyman services

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