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We specialize in property procurment, renovation, and management

Our Services

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Our Expertise

We  guide and assist investors in Portugal starting with cherry picking the perfect property in accordance to the investor's specifications and budget, continuing with managing and coordinating the purchase process, and finally manage the property for short or long-term rent striving optimal yields for the investor.

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Assistance throughout the property purchase in Portugal
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Financial and legal services for the purchase
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Apartment management for you – for short- or long-term rent
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Property maintenance 

All in for you

ייעוץ וליווי לרכישת נכס בפורטוגל

Property Procurment 

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Our guidance and consulting service include:

  • Locating the best suitable properties for you in Portugal, according to budget and other requirements.
    We work with all local real estate agencies and with man
    y private property sellers, so the supply of properties for you is optimal.

  • Planning and organizing a property tour for you to check out suitable properties according to your set budget and other criteria

  • Income and expense analysis of selected properties and simulation of the expected return to help you make informed decisions.

  • Representation by local attorney before the authorities, the bank, and the property sellers.

  • The whole property purchase process can be done remotely, without traveling to Portugal, in a structured and safe process.

  • Accompanying and representing you in negotiations with the seller while maintaining your interests and in full transparency.

  • Assistance with opening a local bank account and handling the organization of the necessary documents for the purchase of an investment property in Portugal.

  • Applying for a mortgage for you at a local bank in Portugal and managing the entire process for you.

  • Preparing the property for rental: Renovation works, design, furniture, and everything that's needed for maximizing the return on investment for you.

ליווי פיננסי ומשפטי

Financial and Legal Support

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Our financial and legal support service includes:

  • Communicating with a local bank and applying for a mortgage for you

  • Notarized translation of all the documents required to open a local bank account and loan application

  • A local attorney who issues the Portuguese tax number (NIF) for you, and represents you before the authorities, the bank, and the property sellers

  • Due diligence performed by the lawyer (verification that the property is owned by the seller, free from liens, and has no fines, liabilities, or restrictions on the sale)

  • Legal representation and assistance by the attorney during the negotiation of the property, the proposed contract, the signing, payment, and transfer of ownership of the property in the name of the buyer after the completion of the sale process.

  • After the purchase - tax and accounting representation services as required by law.

Renovation & Home Styling

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  • We specialize in professional property management and at the highest level for our clients, whether it is a short-term rental (for tourists) or a regular long-term rental (a year or more).

  • We do everything necessary for you so that you can sleep soundly while we take care of everything concerning the property rental so your yield will be optimized.


Long term rental:

  • Finding a good tenant

  • Signing the rental contract and collecting the money for you

  • Participation in the condominium meetings

  • Contact the tenant to deal with any issues that arise

  • Managing professionals and repairs for you if necessary


Short term rental:

  • Professional photography, advertising, and marketing of the apartment to the relevant target audience

  • Welcoming guests on arrival and giving a good and pleasant feeling

  • Cleaning, laundry (linen, towels for guests)

  • Handling repairs and malfunctions

  • Receiving amazing recommendations from guests so that the rating of the apartment will go up and it will be in demand

  • Price adjustment according to season and supply and demand levels, striving for optimal occupancy rates and maximum return.

ניהול הדירה
תחזוקת נכס עבורך

Property Management

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We also provide our customers with maintenance services which include:

  • Plumbing and opening blockages

  • Addressing electrical issues

  • Minor renovations required

  • Handyman Services and more ...

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Our Unique Advantage

The project

Locating a property below the market price

The investor

Dror, an experienced investor in Europe and the US has decided to invest in Portugal as well and start building a portfolio of properties in the Lisbon area.

A process that is focused on you 

We set a date when we would meet Dror for a property tour in Lisbon and we started looking for suitable properties for him according to the budget and the investment purpose.

We arranged meetings to visit the selected properties on the designated date.

In the process of searching for the right property, we scan all the real estate agencies websites and other channels for apartments and check our private channels where there are properties that are not even published yet on the market.

Because we are well acquainted with the local real estate market, we know If a property is actually a good opportunity, and when it's best to give up even when it seems tempting.

We then eliminate the less promising properties and create an amazing, targeted properties list for the investor.

Dror wanted to purchase a two-bedroom apartment in the city center, didn't want to deal with renovation but prefered a renovated and ready-to-rent apartment, so we searched according to these criteria and the defined budget.

The day of the properties tour arrived, we met Dror and accompanied him for two days to meetings at many properties.

Choosing from excellent options

In the end, after analyzing several options for him, the designated apartment was chosen.

The closing price was 210,000 euros for a two-bedroom apartment in downtown Lisbon. 

Even after the deal was closed, Dror was very hesitant and feared that the price of the apartment might be too high ... When the appraiser's assessment arrived, all concerns were gone ... The appraiser (on behalf of the bank, the apartment was purchased with a mortgage from a local bank) valued the apartment at 240,000 euros, which is 14% more than the purchase price. 

In conclusion: 

There is no doubt that the value of the property will continue to rise in the coming years, and that the return on it will be good, because how do you say? LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

The project

Design and decoration of a property for rent

The investor

Gidi, an experienced investor that already owns numerous properties in different countries

Time is money 

When investing in a property purchase the intention is usually also getting a return on the investment through rent. 

When it comes to renting the apartment for short term (tourist accommodation market) it means provide guests staying on vacation with a good and pleasant experience, and thus good reviews will accrue and investors return will increase accordingly.

As part of the post-purchase services, Mojo offers its investors a package of apartment design and furniture, as was offered to Gidi, an investor who purchased an apartment designated to be rented for short term periods (tourist accommodation) in Lisbon.

However, Gidi, who is an experienced investor and already owns many properties in other countries, decided to design and furnish the apartment himself with the help of his wife, an interior designer. 

Professionalism, quality, and excellent local connections

After a month and a half, during which we were occasionally called to help and open the apartment for the various carriers of furniture and fittings, with the apartment decoration process not progressing due to lack of coordination and synchronization on items arrival and professionals scheduling, we took on the project...

Thanks to our good relations with all the suppliers and stores we were able to anticipate deliveries, combine the various professionals and finish the design of the apartment with a record speed in ten days.

In conclusion

There is no doubt that there is satisfaction in doing things alone ... but when it comes to an investment that should yield money - any delay in the process creates a loss of income (cost-benefit), a fact that should be taken into consideration when considering whether to use the services of a professional company or not.

The project

Property renovation

The investor

David, one of the investors we consulted to, bought an apartment for renovation.

Buying a property for renovation - is it possible to do remotely? 

Many investors dream of buying a property below market price and renovate it while saving costs and thus attain a higher profit on the investment.

This was what David looked for. With our assistance, he purchased an apartment that needed renovation for 141,000 euros.

He decided that he will look for contractors himself and come to Lisbon to meet with them and get the quotes for the renovation.

For two weeks, despite his efforts, none of the people who approached him (after receiving recommendations) found time to visit the property to give a concrete quote. 

Meanwhile we, as part of our sevices, took care of receiving a quote from the professional with whom we work that was given after making a visit to the property and included all the required parameters.

Renovate remotely with peace of mind 

Eventually, after three months in which the apartment stood empty with the investor unable to start the renovation process himself (a bit difficult when in another country and coming only once a month to take care of matters) the decision was made to let Mojo manage the renovation.

We received a good quote after a short negotiation procedure with the contractor, good prices were obtained without compromising on quality, and in the end money and time were saved.

We also supervised throughout the project, we visited the apartment, made sure the work was progressing as planned, made comments where there were problems, and of course made sure to keep the investor informed of progress.

In conclusion 

The project was completed while meeting budget and schedules.

The project

Property purchase with a bank mortgage

The investor

Moshe had already purchased an apartment with a mortgage from a local bank, and then an opportunity arose to purchase the other two apartments in the same building so that he would own the entire building.

Even a simple process can get tricky

We assisted in submitting the additional mortgage application at the bank, and after arranging all the required documents the bank approved the mortgage in the amount of 70% of the purchase value, subject to the appraiser’s assessment.

After about two weeks came the appraiser's assessment, that took us all by surprise - one of the apartments was estimated at a price of only 6,000 euros! (The purchase price was 115,000 euros).

Of course, this is a very problematic situation as it involves tens of thousands of euros that the buyer now has to pay from his own pocket for the purchase in addition to the amount he first planned to spend. 

The benefit of working with professionals 

Because our market and area experties, it was clear to us that the appraiser's assessment was wrong and unreasonable, so we advised Moshe to ask the seller for a time extension and make an appeal to the bank regarding the appraiser's assessment. 

We assisted in filing the appeal professionally and with all the relevant reasons.

In conclusion

Finally - it took a month but the bank accepted our position, the appraiser's assessment was corrected, and the transaction was completed to everyone's satisfaction.

We always emphasize to our clients that the processes with the banks in Portugal can be long, cumbersome, and exhausting, so it is always worthwhile, as in this case, to seek the help of a local professional who is familiar with the processes and knows the market, system, and influencers.

Of course, the decision is always the bank's, but it helps to have a professional in your corner.

Interested in hearing more? We would love to speak to you!


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