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Portuguese citizenship based on a real estate investment
A desired European passport and an excellent return on your investment!

Golden Visa for European Citizenship-
Security for you and your family

דרכון פורטוגל

Starting from 280,000 euros * approval within 3-6 months

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All in one place

Mojo Real Estate Portugal leads you through the "Golden Visa" process

From investment to citizenship:

Submitting the application
for Golden Visa

Helping you to prepare
the required documents

Locating the property, assisting with the purchase and managing it for you

Portugal is one of the European countries that enables citizenship relatively easy, one way of doing it is the Golden Visa track.

Compared to the other European countries that grant golden visas, Portugal has several advantages:

  • Relatively simple investment requirements and in several tracks

  • Easy stay requirements in the country -  7 days in the first year and then 14 days every two years

  • Can be extended to additional family members without additional investment requirements

  • Residency status provides free passage in European Schengen countries 

  • Permanent residence permit is granted after 5 years and citizenship after 6 years

  • The process is relatively simple and requires little documentation

Obtaining a golden visa to Portugal through an investment in real estate in Portugal or an investment in a business in Portugal:

The amounts required to invest range from 280,000 euros to 500,000 euros depending on the area in Portugal and the type of property, you can get a visa to Portugal on an investment basis (golden visa) based on:

  • Investment in residential real estate for at least EUR 280,000 in a property for renovation (including the cost of renovation) or for at least EUR 400,000 in a new property without renovation. As of 1.1.2022, it is possible to invest in residential real estate for Golden Visa purpose only in areas defined as internal areas or sparsely populated areas.

    (Not in big cities such as Lisbon, Porto etc. and not in coastal areas)

  • Investment in non-residential real estate for at least EUR 500,000 in large cities and coastal areas, or EUR 400,000 in inland / sparsely populated areas

  • Opening a business in Portugal that employs over 10 people

  • Investment of 500,000 euros or more in a small or medium-sized business and the creation of 5 jobs

  • Investment in funds: 500,000 euros

  • Transfer of capital for investment to local banks/capital market: a minimum of 1,500,000 euros

  • To obtain citizenship, the property must be held for at least six years, or be replaced with another property at the investment value required during the 6 years period.

  • Golden visa gives you resident status from the moment it is issued, and allows you to live and work in all EU countries.

  • The process of obtaining the golden visa in Portugal should take up to 90 days, but in practice takes about 4-6 months.

  • From the moment of receiving the golden visa, it is valid for one year, after which it must be renewed every two years. In the first year, the buyer must stay in Portugal for at least 7 days, and from the second year onwards at least 14 days.

Golden visa process costs:

The cost of the process consists of government fees and legal costs of processing the application.

We offer legal services from one of the leading law firms in Lisbon specializing in immigration and golden visa, and administrative support for the entire process at an attractive cost.

In addition, the process involves the payment of fees as detailed:
Fees and levies paid to the government (as of 2021)
Payment type
Cost for the Investor
Cost for each family member
Residence card (First renewal)
5.324,60 Eur
5.324,60 Eur
Initial administrative fee- paid upon application, and with every renewal
532,70 Eur
83.10 Eur
Citizenship (5 years from the golden visa approval)
1,250 Eur
1,250 Eur
Residence card (Second renewal)
2.662,30 Eur
2.662,30 Eur

* Cost per additional family member under the Golden Visa

We will be happy to assist you in the process of issuing a Golden Visa as part of a purchasing process of a suitable property, or investing in a business as detailed above.

Properties for investing in the Golden Visa track now:

T3 House



Interested in hearing more? We would love to speak to you!

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