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דירות להשקעה בפורטוגל


Investment in Portugal

Low property costs! Portugal’s prices are significantly lower than other major European capitals such as London, Berlin or Barcelona!

Increase of 30% in rental prices! This is the trend in Portugal over the past two years high demand areas such as Lisbon and Porto, this trend is expected to continue to stay on the rise! 

High yields of up to 20% from property rental in Portugal with rental prices steadily rising for both long and short term rentals.


Portugal offers political stability & security! To the international tourist, this makes Portugal a highly sought after destination for vacation.

Portugal boasts a strong growth economy! This creates a booming short-term rental industry that does not exist even in major capitals such as Barcelona and Berlin due to their hostile regulatory measures.

  • Own a property in one of Europe's fastest growing economies 

  • High rental yields from short term letting 

  • Perfect weather

  • Rapidly growing tourism

An amazing opportunity 

Apartments from € 50,000 Euro*

Buildings from € 100,000*

* Equity

Invest with Mojo

Who we are

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Mojo is a real estate investment and property management company specializing in Portugal, and specifically in Lisbon and Porto.

We are the best at what we do!

We specialize in locating and investing in the most profitable apartments and buildings in the city centers and in areas of high demand, AND maximizing short-term rental yields.

With MCPP, you’re never alone! Our service includes full support for all our clients, even in dealing with local banks if purchase financing is required.

Unmatched Portuguese Market Expertise: With years of experience in property management, abroad, we offer unmatched expertise in the Portuguese market. Our expert and knowledgeable local staff offer our clients peace of mind and full confidence throughout the entire investment process.

Personally tailored investments: Finding personally tailored investments is our specialty, and we’re committed to finding the best properties to suit your investment capabilities - whether it’s your dream house, a vacation apartment, an investment apartment, or even an entire building. 

Portuguese Citizenship: We even offer the possibility of issuing a Portuguese citizenship - a Golden Visa, as a part of the purchase process.


With you every step of the way: We will guide you and accompany you step by step throughout the purchase process, renovate, design and decorate your property and,manage it for you in the short or long term rental market, and when the right moment comes – we will handle the sales process for you as well.





Properties Management 

Properties Maintenance 

  • Locating suitable properties within your budget

  • Legal oversight and due diligence

  • Renovations, Home design, and Furnishing service

  • Property management and maintenance services

  • Tax and compliance services

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