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In Portugal: Live better. Live longer!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Portugal offers everything Americans dream about such as security with Californian lights, affordable healthcare and affordable education, Mediterranean-type cuisine with unprocessed local products, and of course affordable housing. Some come here to work remotely, others to retire here for a whirl of adventure, and a greater number comes to innovate and invest while property and land opportunities are still great.

Many Americans have already found happiness here, free of financial worries, free of random killings or traffic jammed daily routines. With its welcoming people, Portugal offers the simplicity and treasure of its golden hours and serene days around human-sized cities, towns, and nature.

Walking on the promenade between Estoril and Cascais on Sundays is pure delight.

South Europe offers even more at the moment. The discovery of remote working and the promise of A.I. to reduce human tasks, changes the relationship between man and work all together. This social phenomenon alone has placed the quota between work and leisure on the other side of the cursor, and claims for better quality of life. That is what South Europe has always offered.

Many Americans discover how cool it is to settle in smaller towns and cities full of architectural wonders. And since most of these cities have been protected from the post-industrial scars all together, they are offering an urban life in tune with nature. For a nation built around the car culture, Portugal isn’t shifting gears and rather slows down the pace. Why run when software and communication tools allow to work intimately from home for who can do that? In Lisbon, well-being also comes down to body motion; everyone walks effortlessly from places to places and across different parts of the city, day and night, with absolute safety and delight. Currently there is a palpable vibrancy around Southern cities like Lisbon and Porto in Portugal, Milan in Italy, and Madrid more than Barcelona in Spain. All combine a perfect climate with a healthy lifestyle. Portugal with its longest stretch of land running along the ocean, its preserved rural areas in the Region of Alentejo, and its focus on advanced technologies among other factors, has somehow taken the lead.

The Millennial generation focused on well-being and still having to work hybrid in cities like New York, Portland, London, or Toronto, is already here with dreams of rural tourism. Some have already brought in innovative entrepreneurship and creativity in new types of accommodations, at the heart of nature.

Villages made of tiny houses are the buzz word. Agritourism and permaculture have exploded in Portugal with many devoted platforms to book holidays at the farm. Entertainment is shifting from cities to the lands of freedom. Alentejo offers that and much more to yoga retreats, healing music festivals, and people who want to live in a village with their friends around.

Boom Festival 2023 and its psychedelic vibes, is bringing the spirit of Burning Man to South Portugal –and sold out as soon as its line-up pops online.

Alike Austin or Marfa, Texas, Portugal has plenty of dry lands. And these lands seem to unleash everyone's imagination along with a series of social changes. The simplicity of its vilas [villages] are blueprints for myriads of creative projects. And how wonderful this simplicity of lifestyle for who wishes a serene life after decades of hard work. Who wouldn't want to wake up everyday staring at blond hills with cinematographic views?

South Europe offers a healthy lifestyle with locally produced food and wines, simultaneously affordable and unprocessed; and with traditional cuisine and fine dining taking place outdoor. Week-end nomadic farmer markets have become community builders among local and expats, and no screen comes out of people's pockets there. Made of warmth, building an immediate sense of belonging, they offer fairly priced products of sublime taste.

Here no need to use a car, park for hours, and roam randomly in a shopping mall. Although for who is missing shopping malls, Lisbon has great malls with fashion boutiques and gourmet food such as Amoreiras Shopping Mall in Campo Ourique or Chiado.

In a city where the car is left forgotten, what a pleasure to share effective public and private transportation with a variety of commuting modes. Want to see your summer dress fly in the sea breeze? Hop on a scooter! Want to be shaken up as on a rollercoaster? Squeeze on the mythical Tram, emblem of Lisbon, for big laughs.

Very few capital cities offer access to the ocean in such simple easy ways.

From and to Lisbon, trains and buses are so cheap! Check the distance of Lisbon Cais do Sodré Station to Cascais on Google. Your train ride will be €1.90. In comparison, one-way tube ride in London is currently £3.20 with no views and no silver lights playing with the ocean. If you come visit, walk actively on the promenade along the ocean from Estoril to Cascais. It is a social scene in itself, and where everyone brushes off their week through outdoor active lifestyle.

Want to discover Portugal and its rural best regions? Need accommodation? Our concierge property site offers short-term and long-term rentals in all Portugal:

Here is the other good news. Name a capital city where the airport is at 10 km from the city center! From Lisbon Portela Airport to Lisbon, the metro ride is 1.33 euros and Bolt or Uber will oscillate between 8 and 15 euros pending on the time of the day and the demand.

Now to end this note with assertive facts, let’s finally compare climate. Draw a line from Montauk to Lisbon. Same Atlantic Ocean coastlines. Except yesterday afternoon, it was 19°C | 66.2°F in Lisbon and 8°C | 46.4°F in New York. Compared to Los Angeles instead, the cities are quasi twins riding side by side as visible on these two graphs.

For proof, the tourism score, which favors clear, rainless days with perceived temperatures between 65°F and 80°F. That is also true for the length of light in a day.

Today we are writing from our Mojo office facing Jardim da Estrela with the sound of birds and kids on the playgrounds. If you wish to invest and live in Lisbon, the triangle formed by Santos, São Bento, Estrela, is a sweet spot for property investment this year. But don't wait too long. A group of real estate experts who met in Lisbon at the start of the new year, coined it ‘the hottest housing market of 2023.’

Seagull Cafe is where people queue for breakfast and brunches in São Bento | Principe Real

Once more it is safe to say that the only element we must keep in mind, is that many people are now jumping on these potential deals. If you wish to invest, reach out to us with your questions. We hand-pick properties that are the best investment for you. And as a reference, check out our current properties for sale.

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