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Investing in Portugal - FAQ

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

What do I (the client) get from you?

We have identified that the property purchasing process in a foreign country, independently, without being familiar enough with the local market and the long bureaucratic procedures requires a lot of time, resources, and local contacts. We provide our clients with the opportunity to enter the real estate market in Portugal without investing resources and wasting valuable time in independent search and market study.

The service we offer is personal and close consultation and accompaniment for purchasing a property in Portugal, as well as managing the property following the purchase. It is important to understand that the property is purchased under your name.

Concierge property service - what does it mean?

Orientation to the area

where to buy, what rental prices can be obtained, where the tourist traffic is, and the areas in which development is planned for the coming years.

Find your way in the local bureaucracy

We will provide you information about the local taxes and associated costs, guide you which documents are required in order to open a bank account and to get a loan, put you in contact with a personal banker, lawyer, and other service providers as needed. Locating properties

We will find suitable properties for you according to your requirements. We will perform a full simulation of the expected revenue and expenses in the purchase process and thereafter.

Personal accompaniment

The service we provide includes your personal accompaniment to Portugal to visit relevant properties. The purchase process, including all the bureaucratic steps, can be completed within a 3-day visit to Portugal.

What is the price range of properties in Lisbon and Porto? In the demand areas and around them, properties can be purchased at a price starting at 100,000€.

Are you engaged in entrepreneurship? At the moment we are not engaged in entrepreneurial activity. The properties we locate for you do not belong to us, and change from time to time according to the availability of the properties for sale suitable for the conditions our customers define. If you wish to purchase a building for the purposes of entrepreneurship, we can also accompany you throughout this process in front of the local authorities (explaining about financing, putting you in contact with local parties such as banks and attorneys, finding properties, architecture services, processing company, and property management if required).

So what is your business model? As mentioned, we provide consulting and accompaniment services for the purchase process. For this service we charge a commission. In addition, we provide complementary services such as handling minor renovations if required, design, transport and furnishing the property. We specialize in managing short term rental of properties. Therefore, after the purchase process, we aim to provide our customers with the maximum yield on the property they purchased.

Can I purchase a property in Portugal together with additional partners? Yes. Several partners can jointly sign a loan from the bank. The property will be registered under the name of all the buyers. The ownership should be divided between all partners in a separate legal agreement. Another possibility would be to start a company, however this has implications for the amount of financing you will be able to receive and the number of years for the loan repayments .

What is the financing amount that can be received, for how many years, and at what interest terms?

Of course, the answer to this question is different for each client. Generally, and subject to Bank consideration, it is possible to obtain up to 80% financing at an interest rate of 2% for a period of up to 40 years.

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