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T3 House in historical centre




Property Description

A perfect combination of new construction and history. The house is located in the historic centre of the city of Barreiro.
The house was completely stripped with only the historic facades preserved and the entire interior of the house was rebuilt according
to the modern standards that can be found in new construction today.

The house currently has two floors and a garden with 92m2. The kitchen will come fully equipped and the 2nd floor will have a veranda.

Barreiro is only a short ferry ride to Lisbon and has close access to the freeway. It has a beautiful waterfront area and may cafes and restaurants along with all services and amenities.

Currently awaiting approval for an extra floor and a swimming pool which will be included in the price.

Property Details

Price: €450,000
Size: Built-70m2, Land-145.59m2
Price per m2: €6429m2


3 Bedroom House with swimming pool, garden, fully equipped kitchen and solar panels

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