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Golden Visa FAQ

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

More information about the criteria for obtaining a Gold Visa for Portugal via a real estate investment procedure and the process itself can be found here. In addition, we have put together answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I have to invest the entire amount in one property or can I purchase a number of properties? A: It is possible to invest in a number of properties, provided that the total amount of the investment will meet the criterion required for investment in real estate in order to obtain a Gold Visa.

Q: Which amount is required for invest in order to qualify for a Gold Visa in Portugal? A: A Gold Visa can be obtained for a real estate property investment that includes renovations of buildings that exist for more than 30 years - at a minimum of 350,000€ personal capital.

Or a 500,000€ investment in one (or more) properties.

Q: Once the residency permit is obtained within this process, is it possible to obtain the residency permit for children as well? A: In accordance with the Family Reunification Law - the applicant for residency can also obtain the residency permit for his children up to or above the age of 18.

For children above the age of 18, additional documents must be submitted for the purpose of obtaining residency, such as: Approval of studies, approval of financial dependence on parents, proof of status (must be single), etc. For children above the age of 16 - a certificate must be provided indicating no criminal record.

Q: Are the expenses accompanying the property purchase considered as a part of the required investment? (Personal capital) A: No, the accompanying expenses cannot be included in the investment amount required to obtain the Gold Visa for Portugal.

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